Does this site cost anything to use?

Yes, and no. Ten of the classes on are free and can be viewed here. If you would like to have access to all of the classes on the site, please sign up for an account and you will be able to upgrade to get access to everything.

What is the difference between a Pro and Elite account?

With a pro account you get access to all video classes under one login. This is typically used in a classroom format where you can put the classes up on a projector.

With an elite account you get access to everything on the site as well but all of your students/team members will have their own login and can access the site from anywhere. You can get reports on each student's placings on the site and choose which classes you want them to judge.

Do you accept purchase orders, credit cards, checks?

Yes, we accept virtually any form of payment. Please select whichever you prefer for more details...

Do you have a W9, sole source letter, etc.?

Yes, please e-mail and we would be happy to send to a W9.

How do I assign classes on an Elite account?

When you login, you will see a section titled "Account Settings" - "Student Class Assignment". By default all of your students can judge any class, called "open viewing". If you choose to switch to "assigned classes" by simply clicking the link you will then have a new link that shows which classes your students can and cannot view.

To allow your students to view a class, simply click the link on the assignment page.

How many students can I have on an Elite account?

Our elite accounts are based on a site license. You can have as many students from your high school/4-H chapter/county judging team as you need.